This is why we don’t have nice things!

Many times when we purchase products online we look at the pictures before we read anything about the products.

This could be dangerous with your wallet, especially when you think you may be getting the deal of the century.

Even in this day and age its still a common occurrence. Whether its size of the product or the product itself be careful so you don’t end up like these unlucky ones.

That beautiful living room rug?

Your new desk chair?

A new cooking pot?

How about a lovely dinosaur pillow case?

Some Assembly Required

For those trying to watch their weight

Lets play a game…

How about a new pool for the kids?

It’s very important to read the descriptions of what you’re buying as many return policies do not base on pictures alone and often have a waiver type sentence saying “objects may not appear as pictured due to differences in screen resolution and size”

Remember not to just buy based on pictures no matter what and always, have a Happy Appy Day!