How to Install a New Bidet and Valve

Do you live in an older home and have a tap next to the toilet with a rubber hose or no hose at all?

Surprisingly many still do.

Yes this is an inconvenience, for some on the other hand this will be a deal breaker when going to use the toilet.

There is something about not being able to have a high pressure clean after using the toilet that just feels, ugh.

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So today we are going to go through how to install your bathroom pressure washing bidet!

  • The First thing you should do is buy your parts.

For this you will need:

-A valve (to turn off the water to the bidet from the wall)

-The bidet and hose

-The correct wrench or channel pliers

-white PTFE tape (Teflon Tape)


  • The next step is to find the main water coming into the bathroom and turn it off.

This is a precautionary thing because if you do not do this then you will 100% have water pouring out of your wall and flooding your bathroom.


  • After you have turned off the water, take your pliers and turn the existing spout counter clockwise. There should be a nut or an area to tighten and loosen it as to not damage the fitting. So, keep turning it counterclockwise until it is completely removed.


  • When the old spout is removed and the fitting area is cleaned, get your new valve and place the white plumbing tape on the threaded areas.

Twice around should be enough until all the threads are covered. This will create a seal so that water will not leak out.


  • Now carefully align the threads on the new valve with the existing pipe where the original was removed from.

Turn the valve clockwise slowly so there is no damage the threads or fitting. Once enough threads have entered to make sure there is no damage, use your pliers to tighten the fitting.

(If there is no area for the pliers to hold and you do not want to damage the finish use a piece of cloth or rag between the pliers and the fixture)

  • Tighten until snug.

If the valve is facing the wrong direction slightly loosen or tighten until facing the correct direction.

  • The next and final steps are to attach your bidet and hose.

Just like the previous step, put the white plumbing tape on the threads of the valve fitting.

If there are included gaskets place one into the end of the hose that connects to the valve and tighten the hose onto the valve. After this you can put the other gasket on the other end of the hose and tighten by hand

Finally, urn the main water on and test for any leaks. If there are no leaks then your job is done!

You have now successfully upgraded your bathroom!

If you find a leak it will usually be an easy fix had you been careful. The leak could mean

  • The things either aren’t tight enough
  • You’d forgotten a gasket
  • There wasn’t enough of the plumbers tape on the threads.

If the proper care wasn’t included when installing or removing the valve, you might want to take this time to call a plumber as it could require replacing pipes.

Hopefully you will be successful in your endeavor!

As always, have a Happy Appy Day!