The Unconventional Guide “Home”

People always say the cliché “Home is where the Heart is” or “Home is where you Make it”.

Well the saying is cliché, but it is pretty true.

A home is something remarkable that can change entire generations, a home is something that everyone can have regardless of economic standing.

We are not talking about the physical structure of a house which many people still don’t have due to the cost of living. We are talking about the feeling that comes in being able to call it a home.

It’s a place where you:

  • feel safe
  •  feel loved
  •  can be yourself
  • keep your cherished items
  • can see raising a family there
  • can imagine spending the rest of your life

So how do you get from a house to a home?

Some they believe that they won’t ever find a place called home. This could be from underlying issues in their past, being a wanderlust who enjoys roaming the world like a nomad, or just not finding any place that they felt welcome.

We are going to focus on the latter part as there are no degrees held in psych here.

Finding a place where you feel welcome can be hard sometimes as many people still focus on outer appearances and may judge based on this.

Coming to realize that this will never truly change is the first step to finding home.

The key to getting around this is to find a place that you really wouldn’t mind seeing for the rest of your life.  A nice sunset can wash away all the stress from the outside world.

Once you have found this place and bought it, you can begin to make your house into a home!

  •  Start by making your home as safe from whatever dangers may be outside. A sturdy gate and strong high wall can help with this. (Applicable to landed houses only)
  • Have a strong door with a good lock as a just in case measure and a bit of added assurance.
  • Install an IP Camera and alarm system so that you will know if any unwanted guests arrive and be able to see who they are before walking to the door.

Now that your home is an impenetrable fortress of safety we can focus on the interior.

This is a time to think about what makes you feel the most comfortable. Is it soft furnishings, fluffy things, or is it just a re-creation of your childhood home?

Whatever it may be, what matters is that your home makes you feel welcome.

Everyone has their own ideas of what makes the perfect home, but in reality, all that really matters in the end of the day is that you want to come back to it every day. Make it into a place you would want your children to come back to and look upon fondly, remembering all the good times they had spent there with you.

A place so full of love and warmth that it feels as though it is going to burst like a geyser of these feelings and emotions.

Let the design come to you when you think about what you care about the most. The colors that are most welcoming to you. If your tastes change over time, it’s your home and you’re free to change it however suits you best.

This is one of the many ways of how you get home.

It’s not a conventional way to get there as there is no single cookie cutter path to follow that works for everyone.

Hopefully on your journey to home you’ll let us help you along the way.

As Always Have an Appy Day!