How Safe is your gate?

Just about everyone in a landed house has an auto gate or a gate of some sort but how safe are they? Will they really keep out someone trying to get in?

What is exactly stopping someone from coming in?

Electric auto gates are very convenient if you do not want to exit your vehicle to enter your property but as seen in videos on the web certain models and types of auto gate are not as safe as they should be.

Whether it is personal safety features that will prevent people from getting injured by the gate or features to keep people out more efficiently it is important to keep yours up to date for you and your family’s safety.

Most modern gates have automatic locks which increase the safety of the gates and make it harder for someone to enter and if strong enough will deter many would be robbers.

But for all of this to work everything has to be working properly.

There have been cases where an auto gate did not work properly and has crushed someone who had gotten stuck between and others where people have simply forced open the gate.

So how to make sure you’re truly safe?

The only surefire way to make sure it is working properly is to test its effectiveness and do maintenance on your gate regularly.

If you have a sliding gate make sure the drive motor, gears, and locking mechanism are not rusted or broken and are working properly.

For swinging gate and folding gates make sure that the hydraulic arms are functioning properly and can keep the gate at the closed position no matter how hard you try to move it in case the locking mechanism ever fails to do its job. Additionally, make sure that the manual bypass for the system is functioning properly and is set in the right position for any other just in case situations.

Different gates also provide different levels of security and safety for the owners of the home.

  • Folding gates are very aesthetically pleasing but can be unreliable as there are so many moving parts and some can be easily thwarted by lifting the gate out of the track.

  • Swing Gates are the most common system and are relatively reliable as long as they have been properly installed and will close rather quickly. Some may be made from cheap hollow metals and are easily overcome by those who would want to come in forcefully

  • Sliding gates are very reliable and relatively strong as they have very few moving parts aside from a large motor that drives the fence back and forth along the track. The only issues with having this style is that they are slow to close and have the possibility of crushing anything in their path.



Having a gate that is not easily climbable will deter many would be thieves. So, if possible when buying a new gate, consider one that has no foot or handholds within reach, large pointed areas at the top, and are high enough that the average person would not be able to reach the top. 

A good but sad example of this would be the gate at a prison.

Whatever your choice in the end may be having a gate is better than having no gate because without one someone could just walk right in.