Guide to Buying Curtains

In general curtains may not seem like such a big thing, but if you try to live without them you may find yourself wanting to buy them when the sun comes over the horizon in the early morning hours.

There are some major drawbacks if you don’t have curtains

  • Room temperature will rise easier if you have many windows.

  • Sleeping in and midday naps can be difficult due to intensity of the sunlight.

  • People will be able to see into your home in the most intimate time.

  • Outside noises will be more noticeable as there will be no buffer.

When it comes to curtains the most important thing is that they can do what they were meant to do as well as look good while doing it. For this they have to be the correct size.

To measure the length is relatively simple, if you have

  • a metal tape measure


  • A ladder (in case of tall windows)

For the measuring the vertical length you start from 7 cm-10 cm  above the window down past the window sill to your desired length.

After you have this measurement, measure the widths of the windows to figure out how wide you need the curtains. For the drapery type you can follow this simple scale:

Up to 127 cm                      Frame width PLUS 25 cm
129 cm to 153 cm            Frame width PLUS 30 cm
155 cm to 178 cm            Frame width PLUS 36 cm
180 cm to 203 cm           Frame width PLUS 41cm

This will ensure that you will not have any empty spacing between the curtains when you close them.

With your measurements, you can also determine the width you will need for your curtain rods. To calculate the length of the curtain rods you take your window width measurement and add 8 cm-13 cm on each side to the length or your window frame depending how much of the wall you would like to cover.

When all is said and done there are many designs of curtains to choose from as they are made of cloth and can be made to your own personal preferences.

You can choose whether you want

  • pleated curtains

  • straight curtains

  • blackout curtains

  • noise reduction curtains

Or all of the above.

There is a world of choices.

Something to remember when buying curtains to block out sound, the more folds or pleats there are in a curtain the more sound will be blocked as the sound will reflect and be absorbed by the curtains.

Hope this helped you a bit on figuring out how to measure for curtains and rods to go with them.

Have and Appy Day!