The Importance of Aircon Servicing

Living in Malaysia makes Aircon a daily necessity as temperatures are a constant 27 degrees and higher. With this having a faulty or dirty aircon can easily make a home feel like an oven.

So how do you know if your aircon is on it’s way out or if just needs a good cleaning?

The first thing to check would be is the strength and temperature of the air coming from the aircon.

Many people neglect to clean out the filter on their aircon units when they clean because the unit is usually a meter or so out of reach and even with a 170 cm ladder can be hard to reach still.

If you’ve had an issue where your aircon is barely blowing out air and or it isn’t as cold as it should be you should check your filter as this will affect the aircon a lot and may cause problems if not routinely cleaned.

  • Aircon will have to push harder to cool the home and use more power
  • Aircon will wear out faster as it will be running full throttle to cool the home due to reduced airflow
  • If dust makes it on the cooling coils it may cause the aircon to freeze and work less efficiently

Steps for Basic Aircon Cleaning

Cleaning the aircon filters can be done easily if you have a ladder tall enough to reach.

  • First you can access the filters by lifting or removing the front plastic at the lift point usually outlined on the unit itself.

  • From here you remove the filters (usually they will lift over a small lip and you slide them down and out)

  • After the filters are removed, if you have a bidet you can at this time spray the backs of the filters to push the dust and gunk out the front of the filter. You will instantly be able to see where is clean and where isn’t. If you do not have a bidet you can also use the sink or shower head to wash the filters.


  • After washing set them aside to completely dry. A hair drier works as well to blow out and evaporate excess water but do not overdo it and damage the filters.

This next step in cleaning your aircon may get messy.

  • Using compressed air(PC Duster/Cleaner), carefully blow out all the dust that you can see inside of the aircon unit.

If you do not have access to  compressed air take a micro fiber cloth or towel and gently try to get as much of the dust out of the unit as possible being careful not to bed any of the metal fins as this will also limit the airflow and capture more dust.

  • After your filters are dry and you have cleaned out the accumulated dust inside of the aircon unit you can reinstall the filters and test the aircon.

Your aircon should now be able to breath and blow with ease.

When to call a Professional

If at this point your aircon is still not functioning as it should, this would now be the time to call a service tech to come take a look as any other steps require special equipment and possibly acrobatic skills.

Certain aspects of servicing an aircon are quite dangerous as major components are kept outside of the house and depending on your home may be 20 floors from the ground.

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