10 Essential Tools for Common Household Repairs and DIY

Whether you’re pretty handy and want to fix things yourself or you just want to try your hand at some simple DIY projects there are a few basic tools that you can use to do just about everything.

  • Power Drill– Probably the most useful tool you could get when it comes to putting things together or hanging things would be a power drill with bit set. Many places sell 10.8v drills but the issue with these is that many are under powered and may not last for your whole project.


There are many brands to choose from, each with their own ranges. Many brands have a cheaper lower range model for the average consumer as opposed to their top of the line models which can cost more than the price of a second hand car.

If longevity is not a necessity, OEM or Off brands can be had for little cost but these often do not have warranty, may catch fire, or cause injury due to inferior production methods and materials.

  • Hammer– Whether you are trying to put things together or just break them, a hammer is very useful.  One of the most common hammers used is a Claw Hammer which has a cylinder side for driving nails and a claw which can be used for removing nails as well as prying things apart.

Regarding brands with hammers this honestly doesn’t matter as long as the metal is made of steel and not a cheap zinc alloy that will shatter on impact.

  • Screw Drivers are another essential tool, especially when it comes to putting together your furniture from a kit. The issue is that the screw drivers that generally come with the furniture kits are poor quality and often the handles are too small to get a really good grip when trying to tighten a screw all of the way down.

This is why finding the right screwdriver for your job at hand is essential.

Screwdrivers come in all sizes, shapes, and heads. Others are an all in one with a changeable tip.


Quality is the most important part of getting a screwdriver set as well a warranty. Some brands carry a lifetime warranty in which if it ever breaks the company will replace it no questions asked and no matter how old the tool is.


  • Safety Goggles/Glasses, because safety is number one Priority. (Catch line from a very good experiment channel). Depending on the project you may want to either wear safety glasses or goggles, either way eye protection is recommended in almost any project you do as you only have two eyes.

Until they perfect robotic eye implants it would probably be in your best interest to keep both eyes intact.




  • Locking Pliers- These are a good all-around tool as you can adjust them and use them for so many things. They are generally used for stripped or stuck nuts or bolts that a normal wrench cannot get a grip on but are good for almost anything that needs tightening or loosening. Cheaper brands may not work so well and break though due to poor quality assembly and material.



  • Duct Tape, to stick just about everything that isn’t supposed to move. This tape is usually super strong and will stick to almost anything. For something that you want a temporary fix and you don’t care what it looks like this is a good way to do it. If you would like to just use it for simple cute craft projects they offer different design prints now.

  • Penetrating Oil/ Rust Remover, this is the opposite of Duct Tape in that if something is stuck or squeaking and you want it to move freely you would spray some of this on and wouldn’t have to worry about it rusting as easily. Many times, this will be used in combination with Locking Pliers when getting things unstuck.


  • Super Glue- If you’re like most people you will have broken something tiny or simple that requires just a little bit of super strong glue to fix it. While it isn’t the perfect fix for things it helps to create a semi strong temporary fix that will dry super-fast. Safety note though, do not get it on your hands. You will be in for a world of either annoyance or pain.


  • Measuring Tape/ Laser If you’re hanging a picture or trying to decide if your furniture will fit this is an essential tool to have. If you do not know the dimensions of you space it will make it difficult to buy furniture or do anything that has a limited space to place things in. There are many types of measuring devices, some more accurate than others depending on the level of accuracy you need. If you need just general measurements any will do, but for other projects that require an exact measurement down to the millimeter quality is very important and will come at a cost.



  • Your Cell Phone/internet Connection– With the plethora of information on the internet it is now an essential tool for almost every task. If you have trouble doing something it is almost guaranteed the question has been asked before and an answer given somewhere on the internet. In a few short clicks or well-placed taps, you can usually find the answer to all of your troubles.

Thanks for taking the time to read and as always have an Appy Day!