It’s a new day!

Hello Everyone!

A lot of things have changed at AppyHome Plus over the last year,

  • We’ve gotten our own in-house devs

Image result for PROGRAMMER CAT

  • Created a whole new app interface

  • Hired a new graphic design team

  • Created a new mascot

  • Completely changed the Logo


And we even got new never before used desks! (Although we still have the same chairs)

With all of these changes, we still haven’t forgotten the goal that we initially set out to achieve.

No, not world domination, we have to save that for another day.

Our goal still remains the same as the day we were founded, to bring premium quality home products, services, and renovations at a price that just about everyone can afford.

Because honestly, If you have a room that looks like this:

Not because you’re remodeling, everything just costs too much to use, how can your house feel like home?

With that being said, things will change. For the better or the worst no one can know. For us we will just look back at the past as a stepping stone to something greater as we change and adapt to the world around us.

Here is to the future, may you all be there to join us!