AppyHome Plus Official Blog Page

First and foremost, Welcome!

This is a fresh start for the AppyHome Plus Website and Blog that has been needed for quite some time now. We are not sure how but some malicious code kept wandering in through a plugin and changing things. Every time it would get fixed in one part of the website, it would pop up in another making whatever page it was on become an unreachable site.

You can see how counterproductive this was.

So…… we decided to completely wipe the site and start over

After a few design decisions with the team, and our graphic designer working until we thought he would collapse from exhaustion, we now have a functional and visually pleasing site that is now free of random bugs!

The site will continue to change as we update and reintegrate some features we lost when wiping the old site, we promise that it will only get better though!

So stick around for a while and make yourself comfy while we work on making life a bit easier!